Our Philosophy of Service can be summed up in three words,

We Listen

We Confirm

We Implement

First we listen; we need to understand the project history, objectives and desired outcomes.

Then we confirm; we need to make sure that we clearly understand the project from the District’s perspective.

Then we implement; we take what we heard and develop a proactive partnership with all the project stakeholders.

A philosophy, however is meaningless unless it’s supported by a set of nonnegotiable core values, values that act as bastions to refine and improve performance and assist the firm in their pursuit of excellence.

These three words, Listen/Confirm/Implement are filtered through the core values of R&C Management, our core values are not unique, they’ve been around for thousands of years and we practice them every day.

Integrity- Are you proud of your actions?
Accountability- Can you own your decisions?
Diligence- Have you thought outside the box?
Perseverance- Are you moving forward?
Discipline- Are you aiming at the goal?
Benevolence- Is mankind better because of your actions?