“Whether he is working with general
contractors, the school board, teachers,
or neighbors adjacent to the work
site, Rick inspires confidence.”

- Paul Peterson
Scappoose School District

“Rick follows up on even the smallest
details to see the project through from
start to finish. He brings solutions to
the table instead of problems.”

- Susan Steinbrenner
Director Of Facilities
Evergreen Public Schools

“Adam Cormack is diligent and respectful
of the owner’s requirements.
Adam worked with our business
staff to make sure budgets and
invoices were reviewed and projects
were closed out properly. Adam followed
through on construction issues
when they arose and kept us involved
and informed. Adam would be an
asset to anyone needing construction
project management.”

- Patt Komar
Business Manager
David Douglas School District

“...Rick is a man of high integrity,
superb communication skills, knows
his craft, collaborates well, is highly
knowledgeable about all aspects of

- Bob Huston
Banks School District

“Rick Yeo merits special acknowledgement
not only for doing his job so
very well, but for his engaging personality
(and) willingness to explain to
laypersons-again and again if necessary-
some intricacy of the construction

- Citizen Oversight Committee
Scappoose School District

“...Adam Cormack is a man of great
integrity, excellent communication
skills, a real TEAM player and extremely
detailed throughout the phases
of a project.. Adam takes a tremendous
amount of pride in providing clients
with an end product that they will be
proud of for a lifetime…”

- Carol T. Stroup
Secretary to the Executive Director of
Facilities Planning and Property
And Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design Consultant
Hillsboro School District

They have never asked us for added
compensation though I have lost
count of the number of extra meetings
and changes that I have asked for…”
Dr. Nathan McCann
Ridgefield School District
“We find their input during the planning,
design, bidding, and construction
process invaluable and would
argue the outcomes of the projects
have been vastly improved by their
Casey Wyckoff
LSW Architects
“Rick and his partner, Adam Cormack,
have been everything we could
have hoped for.”
Scott Grabenhorst
Toutle Lake School District
“R&C Management was instrumental
in keeping the design of our projects
within the allotted budget…”
Joe Steinbrenner
Facilities Director
Washougal School District
“They are very honest and straight
forward on all issues.”
Scott Grabenhorst
Toutle Lake School District